A Christian summer camp cannot succeed without a staff dedicated to serving Christ and sharing His love to everyone around them.

Clydehurst Christian Ranch recruits such staff from across the nation to serve ten weeks from June – August 2020 (some staff may need to report earlier). If you have the desire for some excitement and a challenge to be stretched spiritually, we welcome and encourage you to apply for one of the many positions open each year.

We seek individuals of integrity and strong character who are committed to follow and serve Christ above all else. This should be evident by your desire to serve and minister to youth and adults, and requires emotional, physical, and spiritual strength. Time demands are often great, teamwork is essential, and expectations are high, but rewards are abundant and eternal. Friendships forged here often last a lifetime and great experiences await both new and returning staff.

Our Staff

A summer at Clydehurst consists of: a backpacking experience (all Counselors, Assistant Program Directors, Media Manager, and High School Staff Leaders), in-camp training "week", five Youth Camps (3rd/4th, 5th/6th, two weeks of 7th-9th, then 10th-12th), and then five weeks of Family Camps for a total of about ten weeks (approximately eleven for counseling staff and program leadership).

Time off runs from approximately noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday; staff often enjoys an outing together during this time, and a Sunday morning worship service is held in the chapel. All positions (see positions available below) are paid and meals (while on the grounds), lodging, and free laundry service is provided for all staff. The camp also carries accident insurance for all staff and guests.

Our goal is to have staff hired by April 1st, but positions may still be open after this time, so please contact us by calling (406) 294-0394 or by emailing us at contact@clydehurst.com with any questions. For former staff members wanting to reapply to be on staff this summer, please apply by January 1st for top priority consideration.

Please prayerfully consider your future role and possible service at Clydehurst Christian Ranch!

Positions Available

High School Crew (Crewboys and Crewgirls):

  • Requirement: Must be 15 years old or more by the beginning of the camping season.

  • Boys focus mainly on grounds keeping (Pool, Trash, Lawn care, Maintenance, and Kitchen duties).

  • Girls focus on kitchen duties, serving meals, laundry services, and cleaning.

College Staff/Counselors:

  • Requirement: Must have completed one year of college or one year of full-time work experience.

  • Counselors could be assigned up to and no more than 9 campers each week.

  • Counselors will have duties such as leading hikes, horseback rides, babysitting, zipline, pool, paintball, leading children’s chapel, riflery/archery, and various other tasks.

Operational Staff:

  • Wrangler – Requirements the same as Counselors. Should be highly skilled in horseback riding, horse care, and used to trail rides in the rugged mountains. We hire only one wrangler for the summer to oversee our 10-15 horses. If you choose to apply, please include with your application a detailed account of your horse experience including leading rides, teaching, working with youth and even training horses.

  • Assistant Program Directors - Requirements are the same as Counselors. Must have leadership experience in discipleship/mentoring. Preference for experience working with small and large group leadership especially with high school age and college-aged individuals. Preferenece for outdoor recreation experience and knowledge of Excel and Word.

  • High School Staff Leaders – Requirements the same as Counselors. Must have leadership experience and experience working with high school students. High school boys’ supervisor should be proficient in maintenance.

  • Kitchen Staff (Assistant Cook and Cook’s Assistant) – Must have some cooking experience for large groups and mass quantities.

  • Maintenance – Must have a high level of skill in maintenance and construction.

  • Media Manager - Must have a high level of skill in video editing, photography, social media, audio technology, and media presentation.