2017 Brochure


  • Mail in registration forms must be postmarked no sooner than January 2nd, 2017. (Do not FedEx, UPS, or overnight registrations) -- We understand that January 2 falls on an observed holiday this year thereby affecting USPS postmarks. Therefore, all January 3 postmarked and mailed registrations will be treated the same as online January 2 registrations.

    Any registration with a postmark prior to this date will be returned.

  • Since space is limited, registration forms along with the pre-registration fee are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, by earliest postmark, or online submission date. 
  • We base family camp registration priority on postmark date and online registration day equally. There is no priority given if you register online vs. mail-in registration. Example: If you register on January 2nd online and another person sends their registration in by mail and the postmark is also January 2nd, they will be given the same priority. (see above caveat)