SWAP for Clydehurst!

(Shop With A Purpose)


Hello friends and supporters of Clydehurst.  We would like to introduce the SWAP for Clydehurst (Shop With A Purpose) Program.    By participating in this great program, you can turn your everyday shopping into a donation, immediately and directly to Clydehurst, using your current monthly spending.

HOW SWAP WORKS:     This short video explains how the program works.  We partner with Shop With Scrip.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwkeGiRuYVY

SHOP FOR SCRIPNOW:  The SWAP for Clydehurst program is only using the SCRIPNOW e-certificates (the red exclamation point).   This short video shows you how easy it is to purchase SCRIPNOW to pay for your everyday purchases, and donate to camp at the same time.  There are dozens of vendors to choose from that we use every day. You can purchase multiple SCRIPNOW certificates on one order.   https://youtu.be/G6FbRjCwaGI   You can even SWAP for Clydehurst right from your mobile device! 

To get started with SWAP for Clydehurst, email the coordinator, Val Scheevel, at swapforclydehurst@gmail.com  or call 425-308-1570 for the Enrollment code. 

As you SWAP for Clydehurst and donate money to camp, we want to say THANK YOU! Every donation makes it possible to carry on the ministry of Clydehurst.  The collective benefit to camp will be significant if ALL friends of Clydehurst use the SWAP for Clydehurst program as much as possible.  Think of all the purchases you make (travel, gift giving, sporting goods, eating out, entertainment,  etc…) that you can use SCRIPNOW for. You can even give SCRIPNOW as a gift.  The more you use it, the more you donate.  With many people participating, it adds up fast.    I run this program for my kid’s school in Washington and I know firsthand how beneficial it is to an organization. Thousands of dollars can be donated by simply leveraging your everyday spending.   I can’t think of a more deserving organization than Clydehurst!  It is my hope that all of you will participate in SWAP for Clydehurst

If you need help understanding how the program works, have any questions, or need help setting up an account please contact me at swapforclydehurst@gmail.com or feel free to call me at 425-308-1570.  I am happy to help anytime!

Val Scheevel

SWAP for Clydehurst Coordinator