2018 Staff Shirt and Hoodie!

Again this year, we are making available staff pullover hoodies for those cold and rainy summer days!  The design on the hoodies will be the same as that of the staff shirt to the right.  Your staff shirt will be provided for you, however the staff hoodie is optional for an additional charge of $18.  We highly recommend you getting one; last year just about everyone that didn't get one regretted it.  For us to purchase these hoodies at this low price, we need to make our order when we order the staff shirts.  So this offer is for a limited time only!   You need to decide by April 30th whether you would like a staff hoodie.  We cannot order more hoodies at a later time. Even though we have your shirt size, you may prefer a different hoodie size, so please fill out the form below.  You do not need to pay for your hoodie until you get to Clydehurst this summer.

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