General Requirements for All Staff at Clydehurst Christian Ranch

At Clydehurst, we seek to hire individuals that display strong leadership (or growing) skills as well as a motivated work ethic. But, we firmly feel that serving at Clydehurst is more than just a job. We desire to partner with staff members that exhibit growing relational skills with others, that demonstrate self-control as well as personal balance and discipline, and that possess a good reputation no matter what position they hold at camp.

  1. Firm and growing relational skills involve honesty and integrity, modesty and humility, kindness and compassion, ethical and even-tempered behavior, and being hospitable and loving.

  2. Personal self-control and balance are evident in someone who demonstrates the following: common sense and reasonableness, selflessness and a giving spirit, balanced judgment and slow to become angry, not quarrelsome (good-natured and agreeable), and self-discipline.

  3. A good reputation is seen in someone whose character is above reproach, who is viewed as respectable by others, who is a good example to peers and those younger, and who is generally well-thought-of by others.

Listed below, you will find brief descriptions and requirements of each position. Please identify which position the applicant is pursuing and click on the corresponding button: