Summer Staff Applications


Thank you for your interest in applying to be on staff at Clydehurst Christian Ranch!  The summer camping season begins June 9th (about a week earlier for counselors) and ends August 18th.  Some summer staff, if they are available, may be asked to continue on and help with our fall retreats that end on August 26th. If you wish to apply, please be mindful of these dates.  The first week is a mandatory week of staff training.  If you think you are going miss this week or if you might miss more than a week of camp, please contact us.  Be sure to read the job descriptions/requirements below before applying.

Below you will find applications for Returning Staff (those who have worked at Clydehurst before) and for New Staff, so choose accordingly. Applying online is preferred, however if you are unable to apply online, please contact us. You should have an answer by March 1st on rather you have been hired or not.

Please contact us to if you have any questions about any position at Clydehurst or about the application process.


High School staff:

  • Requirement: Must be 15 years old or more by the beginning of the camping season.
  • Boys focus mainly on grounds keeping (Pool, Trash, Lawn care, Maintenance, and Kitchen duties).
  • Girls focus on kitchen duties, serving meals, laundry services, and cleaning.

College Staff/Counselors:

  • Requirement: Must have completed one year of college or one year of full-time work experience.
  • Counselors could be assigned up to and no more than 9 campers each week.
  • Counselors will have duties such as leading hikes, horseback rides, babysitting, zipline, pool, paintball, leading children’s chapel, riflery/archery, and various other tasks.

Operational Staff:

  • Wrangler – Requirements the same as Counselors.  Should be highly skilled in horseback riding, horse care, and used to trail rides in the rugged mountains. We hire only one wrangler for the summer to oversee our 13-15 horses.  If you choose to apply, please include with your application a detailed account of your horse experience including leading rides, teaching, working with youth and even training horses.
  • High School Supervisor – Requirements the same as Counselors.  Must have leadership experience and experience working with high school students.  High school boys’ supervisor should be proficient in maintenance.
  • Cooks – Must have some cooking experience for large groups and mass quantities.
  • Maintenance – Must have a high level of skill in maintenance and construction.