Interested in serving at Clydehurst?

Applications are now open for both new and returning staff. You can find the links below. 

Please remember the following things when completing your application:

1. If you have never worked at Clydehurst before OR if you have worked there previously but not during the most recent summer, please fill out a NEW STAFF APPLICATION.
If you were on High School Staff and are applying to transition to College Counselor, please complete the NEW STAFF APPLICATION.
If you worked as full time staff at Clydehurst during the summer of 2016 and are applying for the same position or a new position (other than Counselor), please fill out a RETURNING STAFF APPLICATION. NOTE: ALL returning staff MUST provide 3 references in the application.

2. Have all your information ready (e.g. reference contact information, former employers, etc.)

3. Give yourself time to think through and answer the questions completely (it is wise to answer the questions in a separate document to be copied and pasted in at a later time when you are ready to submit your application)

4. The application system has inexplicably deleted some applicants' incomplete forms. To prevent this, again use a separate Word or other document to answer the question and/or frequently click the "Save" button at the bottom of the application page. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE LINK TO YOUR APPLICATION IF YOU ARE DOING THIS.

5. If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact the Applications Administrator directly at or (406) 294-0394.

Check out a video on staff life made by one of our 2016 counselors, Kara Yohan.